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Prioritizing People over Politics.

Kelly Sikorski is a finance expert and a proud citizen of Benton County running for Justice of the Peace. With more than 20+ years of experience in finance, the skills required of a successful Justice of the Peace are second nature to Kelly—and she’s deeply excited about the opportunity to use her experience to help improve the lives of her neighbors.

The population of Benton County is growing at a rapid rate. With that growth comes a stress on our local infrastructure that needs to be addressed, as well as an increase in property values that benefits some, but prices out many others, specifically our teachers, fire-fighters, county employees and more. We need experienced and strategic budget management that makes Benton County safer and more financially accessible. All of us – whether longtime resident or recent newcomer–deserve the freedom to realize our full potential. 

In 2016, a family tragedy changed Kelly forever: Kelly’s twin sister was hit and killed in a crosswalk in Rogers. That terrible event made it clear that Benton County should be safer for all pedestrians, including walkers, runners, hikers, and cyclists, and not only convenient for cars.