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Experienced leadership for a stronger, safer community


The issues that matter most in Benton County

Kelly’s priority is to ensure that Benton County is prepared to handle the current and future growth of the area through a focus on infrastructure and affordability. In 2016, Kelly’s twin sister was hit and killed in a crosswalk while on a run. That tragedy brought into focus for her the need to better allocate county resources to ensure our community remains safe and affordable.

People-centric infrastructure

Infrastructure can seem unimportant to folks, but properly managed development of our communities can be the difference between life and death for pedestrians, cyclists, hikers, and other people who want to enjoy the natural beauty of our county outside of their cars. People deserve to have the option to walk around our streets safely without being forced into their cars by increasing—and increasingly disruptive—car traffic.


Housing is extremely expensive, here and elsewhere in Northwest Arkansas. We need to curb prices so people who live here have the option of planting more permanent roots in our communities. Whether renter or owner, cost of rent or a mortgage should be manageable for everyone. The people of Benton County deserve the freedom to provide a good home for their families and to prosper.

resource stewardship and Expertise

County resources should be prioritized and allocated so that all residents in Benton County can thrive. A quorum court that lacks a variety of perspectives will fall short of this goal. The county budget should be managed by those who not only understand finance, but by those who have a vested in interest in seeing Benton County realize its full potential for all residents.