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Experienced leadership for a safer community

We need expert direction to fund initiatives that make our community safer and help our towns grow responsibly so everyone in the county can thrive.

MEET Kelly

Kelly Sikorski is a finance expert and long-term Benton County resident running for Justice of the Peace, District 7, to bring a sharp, empathetic point of view to decisions impacting our county’s resources and priorities. Kelly is ready to put over 20 years of experience to work for Benton County. She’ll deliver a budget that makes our entire community safer and provides results for all constituents in District 7.

Kelly is running because her skills can help direct community resources so that the people of Benton County can achieve more—and get more—than they do now. As Justice of the Peace, Kelly will allocate your hard-earned tax dollars into programs that will help every citizen of the county thrive: infrastructure, housing, and education.


Prioritizing People over Politics.

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